Saturday, 25 June 2011

Happy Birthday Sophie and a pocketful of posies.......

Its that birthday time of year again .....Happy Birthday Sophie.....xx

These are the wrong way round but a step by step of one of the bags made for the Enliven project........


  1. beau travail et magnifiques roses en application!!

  2. cute bunch of girls!
    It is always fun to see photos of your process, thanks for sharing.

  3. No you are not too late to join in the contest. Just send me your address on my email: and I will mail you a pin/clamp. You take 3 pictures of it when it is finished and post them to me no later than midnight July 31. They will be judged on creativity and wearability. I want to share the entries on my blog. Hugs, Cameron

  4. happy birthday wishes to sophie...

    your creativeness...your eye for choosing colors and fabrics...and blending them all together into a piece of ART that's not only unique and's YOU!! what an inspiration!!

  5. This is a great gift you made! And, love all the gifts you received. Happy b-day!


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