Monday, 23 August 2010

Cute Potato has arrived...........

I received a box this morning and my new visitor was inside this space for adventures ..........I'm back and two daughters on the mend minus her appendix.......,bit of a mixed holiday so far ......x


  1. glad you are back! sorry to hear your holiday had a few unexpected blips......but hope you also had some fun
    am interested to see what happens to your new guest

  2. Your in! You have been busy. I've seen the mismaze but never heard the story. I arranged a short workshop for my group with a local Graffitti artist; £50 for three hours. He showed his portfolio and did some drawing skills with them. I can give you a couple of contact numbers if you can use them.

  3. Oh my gosh, appendix, I went through that with Jay at 22, scared us to death! cute Potato will fit right in at your place I know. Augustus may even develop a little crush? xox Corrine

  4. Anne its good to be back yes holiday has Not panned out as expected .......x
    Jackie yes I would be interested to have the contact number have you run the workshop yet ??.....x
    Corrine you never know with kids and dogs ......x

  5. Kept meaning to email you Lorna....but am glad things are looking up now. Cant wait to see what Potatoe gets up too.

  6. Very cute potato - love that denim bag.

    Oh dear, poor you & daughters! Holidays hey! Did you ever go see about your tattoos? My 'dil' has an amazing one, done in Brighton, not sure where. Maybe everythig kicked off before you got a chance ;(

  7. Hi Lorna!
    Glad things are slowly getting back to normal. Pretty worrying time you've had lately. glad the girls are getting better. Poor old doggie.

    Cute Potato is ready to go on some adventures to take your mind off things.

  8. So glad to see Cute Potatoe arrived safely :D
    Hope you have lots of fun with her like I did.
    Chris xx

  9. Sounds like it has been a very eventful summer holiday. Try and chill before it is time to go back to work. I enjoyed your photo's of Brighton by the way, I used to go there a lot as a small child.

  10. Fingers crossed for everyone to remain fit and well..... You see it isn't just children that have their appendixes (what IS the plural of appendix?) out... I had mine out two years ago........... ouch!

  11. Jennie we must meet up before the end of the hols .....x
    Emma where in Brighton ? you'll have to post a pic of it .....x
    Sharne I used to stay in Brighton when I was young too I lived in Wales then and it seemed like days to get there ......x
    Cathy It's really painful isn't it ......I would rather go thro the pain myself than watch my daughter go thro it ........x
    Lisa she looks adorable but she has a bit of a wild streak in her .....x


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